We are NAOS Asset Management.


NAOS Asset Management is a specialist fund manager providing genuine, concentrated exposure to Australian Listed Industrial Companies outside of the ASX-50.

With a proven performance track record, NAOS seeks to protect investor capital whilst providing a sustainable growing stream of fully franked dividends and long-term capital growth above the relative benchmark index.

Our Listed Investment Companies


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NAOS Emerging Opportunities Company Limited


NCC aims to provide investors with genuine, concentrated exposure to Australian undervalued listed micro-cap companies (market capitalisation generally less than $250 million) with an industrial focus.

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NAOS Small Cap Opportunities Company Limited


NSC aims to provide investors with genuine, concentrated exposure to Australian undervalued listed small-cap companies (market capitalisation generally between $100 million and $1 billion) with an industrial focus.

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NAOS Ex-50 Opportunities Company Limited

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NAC aims to provide investors with genuine, concentrated exposure to Australian undervalued listed mid-cap companies (market capitalisation generally between $400 million and $1 billion+) with an industrial focus.

Our Investment Beliefs


We believe in investing in businesses where the earnings today are not a fair reflection of what the same business will earn over the longer term. Ultimately, this earnings growth can be driven by many factors including revenue growth, margin growth, cost cutting, acquisitions and even share buybacks. The end result is earnings growth over a long-term investment horizon even if the business was perceived to be a value type business at the time of the initial investment.

Value with Long Term Growth


Excessive diversification, or holding too many investments, may be detrimental to overall portfolio performance. We believe it is better to approach each investment decision with conviction. In our view, to balance risk and performance most favourably, the ideal number of quality companies in each portfolio would generally be 0 to 30.

Quality over Quantity


As investors who are willing to maintain perspective by taking a patient and disciplined approach, we believe we will be rewarded over the long term. If our investment thesis holds true we persist. Many of our core investments have been held for three or more years where management execution has been consistent and the value proposition is still apparent.

Invest for the Long Term


We believe in backing people who are proven and aligned with their shareholders. One of the most fundamental factors which is consistent across the majority of company success stories in our investment universe is a high quality proven management team with ‘skin in the game’. NAOS Directors and staff members are significant holders of shares on issue across our strategies, so the interests of our shareholders are well aligned with our own.

Management Alignment


This means we are not forced holders of stocks with large index weightings that we are not convinced are attractive investment propositions. We actively manage each investment to ensure the best outcome for our shareholders and only invest in companies that we believe will provide excellent, sustainable long-term returns.

Ignore the Index


With the big four banks making up a large portion of total domestic equity holdings for the SMSF investor group, many Australian investors are at risk of being overexposed to one sector and may be missing out on opportunities to invest in quality companies in industries such as Media, Advertising, Agriculture or Building Materials. Australian listed industrial companies outside the ASX 50 are our core focus, and we believe the LICs we manage provide pure access to these companies which may be lesser known by the broader investment community.

Pure Exposure to Industrials


We believe in taking advantage of inefficient markets; the perceived risk associated with low liquidity (or difficulty buying or selling large positions) combined with investor short-termism presents an opportunity to act based purely on the long-term value proposition where the majority may lose patience and move on. Often illiquidity is caused by aligned founders or management having significant holdings in a company. NAOS benefits from a closed-end LIC structure, which means we do not suffer ‘redemption risk’ and we can focus on finding quality undervalued businesses regardless of their liquidity profile.

Performance vs Liquidity Focus


As an investment manager, NAOS recognises and accepts its duty to act responsibly and in the best interests of shareholders. We believe that a high standard of business conduct and a responsible approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors is associated with a sustainable business model over the longer term that benefits not only shareholders but also the broader economy. NAOS supports the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and is guided by these principles in incorporating ESG into our investment practices.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)


NAOS are not activist investors, due to our investment approach it is common for NAOS to establish a substantial shareholding in a company with a long term (5 years+) investment horizon.

This approach allows us to supportively engage with the boards and/or management teams of our portfolio holdings.

Examples of constructive engagement where the NAOS investment team look to add value:

  • Growth capital if/when required
  • Messaging and communications
  • Capital management decisions
  • Company strategy
  • Board composition


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