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October 6, 2023

CEO INSIGHTS – Week Ending 6 October 2023

“We know major events are an incredible driver of demand because they create the urgency to book and convert, and really there’s no other demand driver than does that, at that level”

Dean Long, CEO, Australia Travel Industry Association

Cybersecurity & Government Spending

“BlackBerry along with many others in the cybersecurity space is experiencing elongated deal cycles, deals that require multiple rounds of review and scrutiny, and while this isn't impacting win rates, it's having areal impact on the timing of when the deal close. This is especially true in government where Blackberry has a very strong presence” John Chen, CEO, BlackBerry Ltd

Travel Spend

“While we see no signs of demand slowing for our brands, at some point, booking volumes for 2024 will recede as we simply run out of inventory to sell. Now we appreciate there are heightened concerns around the state of the consumer as of late. But the fact is we just haven't seen it in our bookings or our results” Joshua Weinstein, CEO, Carnival Cruise Corp Plc

Defence & Aviation

“The demand for new aircraft in the civil space is more than the industry can handle and in the defence space, the old alliances will take on an even more critical role in facing a very different strategic threat that represents a huge market opportunity for our company and Australia” Dave Calhoun, CEO, The Boeing Co.


“Other industries and other countries have lost their hometown manufacturing base, starting with auto, they all went away, and it's all preventable. We can't allow that to happen” James Farley, CEO, Ford MotorCorp

AI & Technology

“Your children are going to live to 100 and not have cancer because of technology, and literally they’ll probably be working three-and-a-half days a week” Jamie Dimon, CEO, JPMorgan Chase & Co

“One of the things we’ve heard from enterprise customers is that they’re excited about the AI world, but they want to be cautious about it” Melanie Perkins, CEO, Canva

Small Business

“To think the government’s workplace policy in a country like Australia is now perceived as a greater risk to small business than the threat of cyber-attacks, natural disasters, oil and energy price shocks and even interest rates costs is truly remarkable. It shows how dramatic the cost of compliance can be for a small business” Luke Achterstraat, CEO, Council of Small Business Organisations

Travel, Events & Concerts

“We know major events are an incredible driver of demand because they create the urgency to book and convert, and really there’s no other demand driver than does that, at that level” Dean Long, CEO, Australia Travel Industry Association

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Property & Short-Term Rentals

“Byron Bay is a good example of where people are retreating from the market, not just because of the reversion from COVID migration trends, and higher interest rates, but also more recently, like the introduction of a cap on short-term rentals that could be discouraging more people from the market as well” Elix Owen, Head of Research, CoreLogic

“We know the reasons why demand has been flattish in the housing market. Much of it centres around interest rates” Benoit Couquart, CEO, Legrand Group [world’s largest manufacturer of light switches &sockets]

Fossil Fuels & Decarbonisation

“I don’t want this industry to be seen in any way, form or shape that they are going against the phase down [of fossil fuels]. This [phasedown] is happening” Sultan al-Jaber, CEO, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Sport & Apparel

“We still see the same fundamentals, which are some structural tailwinds in our industry. The definition of sport is expanding” Jon Donahoe, CEO, NIKE Inc

UK Economy

“I would say, a gradual improvement in customer sentiment. I wouldn't want to overplay that, but you are seeing a movement in the right direction” Ken Murphy, CEO, Tesco Plc

Media & Advertising

“I still think that the conversations that were happening over the [northern hemisphere] summer and even when you just think about it from the media industry in general, I think there is definitely more activity” Brian Coleman, CFO, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc

Restaurants & Fast Food

“The data over the past 12 months has clearly demonstrated that with the cost-of-living prices and outgoings for our guests, eating out has become more of an occasion. And when they do spend, they want value from the name as well as a memorable experience” Julie McEwan, CEO, Hostmore Plc [parent company of TGI Fridays]

“The global frozen potato category continues to be solid with overall demand and supply balanced. Fry attachment rates, which is a rate at which consumers order fries when visiting a restaurant or other food service outlets across our key markets, have remained largely steady and above pre-pandemic levels” Thomas Werner, CEO, Lamb Weston Holdings Inc [world’s largest French fries company]


“The reality is you can count on 1 hand the number of global markets that haven't already been acquired by a major brewer. So, the playbook of consolidation and driving synergy is limited. The opportunity to win and to grow lies in sound fundamentals. In nurturing your core portfolio, premiumising the total portfolio and diversifying your portfolio to meet the changing consumer needs” Gavin Hattersley, CEO, Molson Coors Beverage Co.

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