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September 14, 2020

Podcast Review | Nikola Tesla by Historical Figures

By Robert Miller | Portfolio Manager at NAOS Asset Management

The phenomenal rise of Tesla Inc. has allowed credence to be paid to one of the most important inventors in history; Nikola Tesla. ‘Who is Tesla named after?’ is an often googled term. This episode of the Historical Figures podcast explores the life of Nikola Tesla.

Until the arrival of Tesla Inc, Nikola Tesla was always overshadowed by the inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Edison, whom also doubled as both a one-time mentor and long-time rival. The rivalry between Tesla and Edison in the late 19th century involved the financial backing of some of the most notorious figures in the history of Corporate America.

Tesla not only invented some of the core building blocks of the modern day world, similar to Leonardo Da Vinci, he predicted the invention of others.

Listen to this podcast and you may have a different level of appreciation for the next Tesla car that you see on the road.

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