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October 9, 2019

Book Review | The First Billion is The Hardest by T. Boone Pickens

By Ben Rundle| Portfolio Manager at NAOS Asset Management


T Boone Pickens sadly passed away recently, so we thought it timely to revisit his autobiography.

Known as the “Oracle of Oil” because of his  ability to consistently predict the direction of fuel prices, he built Mesa Petroleum, one of the largest independent oil companies in the United States, from a $2,500 investment.

When Boone was 68 he was forced out of Mesa following a period of falling company profits. What followed was a downward spiral of divorce, depression and loss of his reputation before mounting a spectacular comeback when he founded Hedge Fund, BP Capital. At BP, Boone turned $3 million into an $8 billion fortune in just a few years. His fundamental understanding of supply and demand helped him to gain one of the most successful investing track records globally.

The book is filled with fantastic lessons on investing learned through years of experience from one of the best.

Link to book 


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