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May 30, 2022

GlamCorner | Australia’s best-known clothing rental platform, sharing its data to reduce waste

Audrey Khaing-Jones has, she thinks, about 10 pieces of clothing in her wardrobe.

“Ninety per cent of my wardrobe is rented,” she says. “I think maybe I’d have about 10 hangers in my closet.” The rest, she says, lives at the headquarters of GlamCorner, the company she founded a decade ago with husband Dean Jones.

Khaing-Jones got the idea for the business when she worked in financial planning and was frequently invited to events. With a wardrobe full of clothes she wore once and rarely again, she realised that dress hire was taking off in the United States with companies such as Rent the Runway. Could an Australian version work?

This July, GlamCorner celebrates its 10th anniversary. So yes: her idea worked...

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