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May 8, 2023

Podcast Review | Ilya Sutskever (OpenAI) - Inside OpenAI by Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcast

By Robert Miller | Portfolio Manager at NAOS Asset Management

Ilya Sutskever (OpenAI) - Inside OpenAI by Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcast

The man behind the machine…Ilya Sutskever is the co-founder and chief scientist of OpenAI. OpenAI is the large language model technology behind something that has absolutely taken the word by storm - ChatGPT.  Anyone who has used ChatGPT (well worth a try) could likely resonate with a sense of disbelief as to how powerful this technology is. 

This in depth conversation touches on many of the topics that seem to be front of mind for the general public when it comes to artificial intelligence and deep learning. These include 

•    How does it work?
•    How powerful is it?
•    How does it compare with a human?
•    What will happen in the future with it?

OpenAI technology has switched from being an open sourced technology and non for profit to now being closed technology and run as a for profit company (in unique corporate structure). Microsoft is now also a large investor in OpenAI. 

Google and Microsoft seem to now have a stranglehold on this deep learning technology. Will this be another duopoly driving massive profits for these tech behemoths or are there mechanisms in place to ensure safeguards for all? Ilya Sutskever provides his very educated views on this. 

Link to Podcast

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