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August 25, 2023

CEO INSIGHTS – Week Ending 25 August 2023

“Organised retail crime and theft in general is an increasingly serious issue impacting many retailers”

Lauren Hobart, CEO, Dicks Sporting Goods Inc.

Mortgages & Lending

“I think most of the lenders will be working with their clients to avoid any form of mortgagee selling, so we don’t expect that to be a large trend going forward. We certainly hope not” John McGrath, CEO, McGrath Ltd

Petrol & Convenience

“Fast forward maybe 20 years and clearly any retail service stations that are completely reliant on selling fuel...are going to find it difficult to survive” Scott Wyatt, CEO, Viva Energy Ltd


“Organised retail crime and theft in general is an increasingly serious issue impacting many retailers” Lauren Hobart, CEO, Dicks Sporting Goods Inc.

Luxury Markets

“I think that we're seeing for the really rare exceptional things, we're seeing very strong demand...For everything else, for things that are valuable, we've seen that the bid-ask [spread] stay pretty close” Charles Stewart, CEO, Sotheby's Inc

“The luxury [automotive] brands also have more price elasticity. So inflation doesn't hurt those brands as much as it hurts other brands. It's a tight market” Nick Pagent, CEO, Autosports Group Ltd


“Machine-based consumption of ASX data is growing rapidly as new applications emerge across financial markets workflows” Helen Lofthouse, CEO, ASX Ltd

Corporate Spending

“There are still, I would say, lengthen sales cycles out there and customers really making sure that they take advantage of doing their full due diligence” Kelly Steckelberg, CFO, Zoom Video Communications Inc

Media & Advertising

“We are starting to see out-of-home being viewed as a safe bet in terms of mass reach audiences which aren’t being fragmented” Cathy O'Connor, CEO, oOh!media Ltd

Weather & Agriculture

“Elders is experiencing cautious customer sentiment in light of uncertain seasonal conditions in some farming regions, compared to forecast assumptions. This uncertainty is now supported by the Bureau of Meteorology’s long-range forecast for September to November” Market Statement, Elders Ltd

“Based on current favourable seasonal conditions, including water availability, we're expecting a fourth consecutive year of abundant rice production in CY '24” Rob Gordon, CEO, Ricegrowers Ltd

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Trademarks & Intellectual Property

“While businesses are currently adapting to the potential impacts of AI, what I would say and what we've seen for generations in this business is, whenever there's a change in technology, the one constant is the ongoing requirement for IP protection, which suits us” Andrew Blattman, CEO,IPH Ltd

Sports & Apparel

“Rebel backed women sport many years ago, and we're quite excited by what we're seeing in terms of intention to sign up to participative sport, which translates into footy boot sales for us over the medium term” Anthony Heraghty, CEO, Super Retail Group Ltd

Global Economy

“Despite tighter labour markets and rising wages, higher interest rates and inflation are impacting consumer confidence, and we expect that this will continue for some time” Carlos Alberini, CEO, Guess Inc

“Inflation in that market [USA] is moderating very rapidly” Andrew Cowlishaw, CFO, Reece Group Ltd

Social Media

“Consumer internet companies also drove the very strong[chip] demand. Their investments in data center infrastructure purpose-built for AI are already generating significant returns. For example, Meta recently highlighted that since launching Reels, AI recommendations have driven a more than 24% increase in time spent on Instagram” Colette Kress, CFO, NvidiaCorp


“So wherever there is a post-COVID return to travel, there is very exciting business growth” Fabrizio Freda, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc


“The Australian supermarket channel continues to grow and now accounts for 28% of the overall floral market. Growth in this channel is increasing at a faster rate than the overall market as supermarkets capture share from the florist channel, driven by improving consumer perception of the quality of supermarket floral offers” Hugh Toll, CEO, Lynch Group Ltd

“You see the reality of the pressure on customers right now” Brad Banducci, CEO, Woolworths Group Ltd

Domestic Economy

"We're not overly concerned because most goods still need to come through the ports… and from a container perspective, the impact is also reduced to the extent that consumers will still consume but just purchase lower-value products rather than no products, and as our business is driven by volume of goods and not by their value” Paul Digney MD, Qube Holdings Ltd

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