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May 8, 2024

Podcast Review | Sanjay Ayer - Think Different and Get Better at WCM

Sanjay Ayer - Think Different and Get Better at WCM by Capital Allocators Podcast

As investors it is always important to keep learning and developing/refining our thinking. These days education can come from a wide range of sources and one area we at NAOS find valuable is listening to the insights of fellow professional investors, who we believe to be well regarded investment managers.

WCM Investment Management is a US based global equities manager with an investment framework built of the notion of company culture being the driving force of businesses, both positive and negative. In his discussion with host Ted Seides, Sanjay Ayer provides examples of how WCM has adapted over time with respect to company culture as well as how they think differently about cutting through the ‘noise’ that comes with investing.

A personal favourite element of the WCM investment practice was the writing a theoretical post-mortem of a new investment in advance of that investment occurring. This seems quite a novel way which can assist in articulating, understanding (and subsequently further analysing) key areas of risk. Imagine if we all followed a similar rule? How would you think differently about an investment?

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